Sunny Daze Chats with Rock Your Heart Out

Madison Guerrera of Rock Your Heart Out blog had an in-depth conversation with the Weathermen about their latest album, Sunny Daze for President. Their conversation also covered a wide range of topics, including musical influences, their campaign promises, and dream opening acts.

Here’s a snippet of what they discussed:

[MG:] Your EP has a surf-rock sound, and the album leans more into psychedelia. Do you hope to experiment more in your career?

BEGLER: Our sound, it’s weird telling someone what our sound is like because when we started, I was doing a lot of folk and country. We were incorporating those into our sets, so we’ve always have an evolving sound, but we have a new direction with the neo-psychedelic and fuzz. This amount of psychedelia we were adding is a taste for what’s gonna come further along.

Check out the full interview here. 

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