A Conversation with 47 Magazine

“Sunny Daze & the Weathermen: Supersonic Energy Through Your Headphones”

All six of the Weathermen (Max Begler (lead vocals/guitar), Nate Ritz (guitar/vocals), Zach Thal (guitar), Jason Kuehnle (keys), Colin Gasman (bass/saxophone), Dan Watts (drums/vocals), and Harry Scarrott (percussion)) joined Max Bluemle of 47 Magazine to discuss a range of topics, from the musical inspiration for the album to dream road trip destinations.

“If you are looking for a hard-hitting album to hyper-fixate on, I have the perfect album and band for you. Sunny Daze & the Weathermen recently released their debut album “Sunny Daze for President” which is a hard-hitting groove consisting of the elements of garage rock, neo-psychedelic, alternative, and post-punk.”

Read the full interview here.

Special shout out to Pittsburgh photographer Chloe Simpson for the amazing photos!

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